Ghostbusters 30th Show . Sony Pictures x Gallery 1988 
'GHOSTBUSTERS what do you want!? Yes We're Back. The E.P is for Egon Spengler.' My piece for Gallery 1988’s traveling Ghostbusters show. I made a special frame...
Buen Humor 
Illustrations from the 1920s Spanish satirical magazine Buen Humor 1922, illus. Tono These scans come from the sprawling Hemeroteca Digital database of the...
Happy Record Store Day 
Happy Record Store Day (April 19, 2014) from 50 Watts Image by Koichi Hara, 1987. (Scanned when putting together a Space Teriyaki post.) This post first...
Tom Thumb 1880 
The Story of Tom Thumb, 1880 edition, illustrator unknown. A random find from the Children's...
Fashionary X V&A X Lesley Barnes 
I created a special Fashionary notebook for the V&A celebrating their 'Glamour of Italian Fashion' exhibition. You can buy it exclusively at the V&A shop...
Anita Ko 
Illustration for Anita Ko Fine Jewelery
Game Of Thrones fashion illustration 
Game of Thrones 'fashion illustration'. My idea of a female 'crow' (aka Man of the Nights Watch)
Hannah Bronfman 
Practicing portraits . Hannah Bronfman
Luma Grothe 
Practicing portraits. Luma Grothe.
Space Teriyaki 7 
Visions of space and the future in Japan in the 70s and 80s See the full series. Gan Hosoya, 1973, “Silence” poster The standard spiel:What you are...
Came to Call Mine 
Selections from Graham Lambkin's new book Came to Call Mine (Penultimate Press, 2014) "Seed Structure" The duck has no luck on the pumpkin seed lawn The...
Richard Teschner and His Puppets 
Though I've featured many illustrations and prints by Richard Teschner, until now I hadn't found nice-sized images of his legendary puppets. Enjoy. Richard...
Information'Raising the Roof' Article showcasing female Architects. Baku Magazine March 2014 Edition. [Hide]
The Thing from Denmark 
20 Movie Posters from Denmark, circa 1926–64 Swing Time (1936) signed: Erik F. I've done three features on vintage Swedish movie posters, but this is my...
Kikagaku Moyo 
T-shirt design for the psychedelic band Kikagaku Moyo from Japan. They asked for a design that was weird and inspired by nature.
Antonio Rubino's illustrations for his book Fiorella (Milan: Editrice Boschi, late 1950s) These images come from the large Italian database I have...
Fairy Tales by Olga and Eva 
Illustrations by Eva Bednářová for 'Pohádky' (Fairy Tales) by Olga Scheinpflugová (Prague, 1971) From my earlier post "Button Tales":Eva Bednářová...
Pots and Patches / A collaborative zine by Issa Antonio, Sneha Easwaran, Nissiel Yu and me. The zine is about the dangers of the food industry and the importance of...
A few snippets from new projects:
Baseball Book 
I painted a series of images to fill one mini book.
A Consideration of Love 
"My heart beat for you, and my heart will stop for you"
Regent's University 
Cover for Regent's University London's alumni magazine Inner Circle.
25 Vintage Cosmetics Ads from Japan 
Illustrated ads for the Japanese cosmetics company Shiseido, 1925–60 1939 These scans are courtesy (again) of Jimoto at Dassaishooku, and also of Gennifer...
Sunday Times Style 
I illustrated a series of catwalk looks including this from Balenciaga for The Sunday Times Style
Bombay Stories 
I was asked by Vintage Books to design a cover for their edition of Bombay Stories by Sadaat Hasan Manto
Two texts by Monica Tornow 
Illustration by Mahendra SinghRead about Monica Tornow at Writers No One Reads. It Was a Beautiful Day by Monica Tornow Translated by Mahendra Singh Eleven...
Split 7 Inch 
In collaboration with the folks at Hilldrop Records I created 50 hand painted vinyl record sleeves in just one day! They were slaved over for a split 7inch...
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3M Post It Notes Signature Series 
I was asked by the folk at 3M, who produce Post It Notes, to work on some designs for their 'signature series'. My two collections were based on castles and...
Light Issued Against Ruin 
Herbert Pfostl, "one lives in the hope of becoming a memory" [artist's sites: Blind Pony and Paper Graveyard] These are images from Herbert Pfostl's new book...
L'Excelsior 2014 
Couverture et direction artistique pour la brochure de la salle de musiques actuelles L'Excelsior à Allonnes.
Don’t let your eyes tell lies 
Illustrated covers by Eric Nordin from the Images Musicales collection (1920s Sweden) Eric Nordin, from the Images Musicales collection "Images Musicales" is a...